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Residence at Irla

Product used: 10X4 ft Ruff-cut Italian Natural Oak Veneer (0.9mm face), durable product with depth in design and texture. Used at a residential site for wall panelling, furniture, wardrobes, etc

Architect: Ar. Ajit Shilpi

Residence at Bandstand

Product used: 10x4 Ruff-cut Italian Zericoto Veneer (0.9mm face), here used for a 9ft tall wardrobe

Architect: Ar. Jayesh Shah

Residence in Bandra (East)

Product Used: 18mm Solid-wood Acacia teak flooring, used in over 300 sq.ft of residential space at Bandra East.

Archiect: Manoj Kava and Associates

Office Space in Bandra (West)

Product Used: Customised 17mm MDF Grill. The client wanted a unique embellishment for a new showroom in Bandra (West), and used this 17mm MDF Grill as a recurring theme, made from a custom design provided by the architect. Grill was used both for panelling at the entrance and main showroom, covering over an area of over 150 sq.ft.

Architect: GMB Verve, Contractor: Fankaar Interiors

Residence in Vashi (West)

Product Used: Customised 6x2 18mm 3D MDF Panel. Client wanted a uniue look for a prayer space within the residence, and the architect provided us with a design for reference.

Architect: AUM Architects

Residence at JVLR

Product used: Custom 8x4 18mm Novofibre Grill, 12mm 3D MDF. Customer selected a design from our catalogue but wanted the sheet made in Novofibre. Sheet was used at the entrance lobby in a back-lit niche, and the 3D MDF was used for wall panelling, as seen in grey.

Architect: Ar. Jitendra Chitroda
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